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Local providers and partners.

We strive to foster a learning environment for local surgeons, anesthesia providers, and nurses to educate them on how to evaluate, manage, and treat children with ENT and plastic surgery issues.

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One of our main goals is to teach the local staff while we are there. Including nurses, doctors and even students.

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Teaching Partner Hospitals and Clinics

At this trip, the local surgeons requested information and education on ear surgery. We showed them how to obtain a tissue graft and then how to repair ear drum ruptures. This allows them to perform these surgeries even after we have left.

*Some photos might contain strong before/after imagery.

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know

What surgical services do we offer?

Surgical services provided include repair of cleft lips and palates, microtia, scar revisions and excisions, burns of the face, neck, chest, and back, and repair of other facial and ear deformities.

What audiology services do we offer?

Our audiologists will provide hearing tests and provide the child with a hearing device if indicated.

How can I volunteer on a Support Our Smiles medical campaign?

If you are interesting in joining us on a medical campaign please e-mail us your information to or complete the contact us form on our website with your information.

How can I donate to Support Our Smiles?

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