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Surgical Services

We believe in helping people.

We strive to foster a learning environment for local surgeons, anesthesia providers, and nurses to educate them on how to evaluate, manage, and treat children with ENT and plastic surgery issues.

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    Cleft Lips & Palate

    We offer surgery to patients with cleft lip and palates that have never been operated on or those that need a revision of their original repair.

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    Microtia is a congenital deformity of the outer ear where the ear does not fully develop. It can affect one or both ears.

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    Hearing Surgery

    We place ear tubes on every patient who has a cleft palate procedure. This allows them to hear better and helps prevent speech delay.

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    Many patients and child in third world countries suffer from burn injuries from boiling water, oil, and candles.

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    Scar Revisions

    We offer revision and excision of scars that children have from injuries and/or previous surgical procedures such as keloids.

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    Repair of Facial Deformities

    We offer surgery to children with a variety from facial deformities from preauricular appendages to larger deformities of the face and nose.

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need to Know

What surgical services do we offer?

Surgical services provided include repair of cleft lips and palates, microtia, scar revisions and excisions, burns of the face, neck, chest, and back, and repair of other facial and ear deformities.

Who is eligible for surgical and audiology services?

Any child ages 0-25 years of age is eligible and be evaluated by our team for surgical and audiology services.

How much does it cost for surgical and audiology services?

We provide free surgical and audiology services.

When is the next Support Our Smiles medical campaign?

We are in the process of planning our next medical campaign! It will be announced on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram page.